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Luna, A Seer and Sorcerer

A Vision Channel, Dream Knitter and Spell Weaver

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I have to say something about this. Before I had a reading with Luna I didn't even know I had a dragon. I never realized I even *could*. But she channeled my dragon and everything she said was SO good and made so much sense and connected to me so well.
And then I was having a traumatic medical procedure and I looked up at the ceiling and my dragon was there. It was there and it told me things that helped and it shifted the energy of the situation and it was like seriously amazing.
I see my dragon now in imagery and with me at times. She literally unlocked a whole guide I didn't even know about.
Luna is this amazingly gifted mystic. She's a channel, she's so wise and powerful.
I also have to say she knows so much about the deities that if you want to know which one is calling you or summoning you and working with you, totally do a session with her. She's absolutely awesome.
These sessions you can take with you for forever.

Luna is an amazing reader!..She was able to tell me things I have never known others to be able to read. Her ability to channel your dragon, and connect you with them is such a phenomenal and rewarding experience. If you haven't had a Dragon reading before, I highly recommend it. She can help take your divine communication to another level. Truly is a blessed experience.

I had a reading with Luna Martin Ynostroza this morning! She is awesome. Really easy to talk to 

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Phone: 805-900-3332

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