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1 hour  /   $111 Full

30 min /    $55  Lite

Dragon Reading

Dark Goddess Consult

Dragons are everywhere! I offer a dragon reading to meet your dragon.  I provide a detailed description, name, if provided, message and how to connect and forge a relationship with them. I use my Dragon as a guide and they have helped me transform my life.  I offer this to you.  

Dragon Readng Full

Dark Goddess Consult

1 hour  /   $111  Full

30 min /    $55    Lite

When there are troubles in our lives, whether internal or external, sometimes we need assistance and help from outside our selves.  The Dark Goddess energy is a specific energy, made for times when your magic needs extra power.  We have a conversation, and together formulate a plan and provide you with this support and ways for you to access this assistance and create/maintain your connection to this energy.   

Consult with Luna

Consult with Luna

1 hour  /   $44

30 min /    $22

A Consult with Luna will allow us to have a discussion of what you are wanting to work towards and how I might support you.  The cost of the consultation will go toward your working, if we decide to work together.  This is my favorite offering except the Brainstroming or consult with the Dark Goddess.  I am hoping some brave soul will come play.  


Brainstorm with the Dark Goddess.

$22 to $44, packages available

I love this listing! It allows me to use my knowledge and personal relationship with the Dark Goddess to  our mutual advantage.  You come to me with concerns and problems and we map out a two pronged solution.  We literally set up your transformation! 

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