1 hour  /   $111 Full

30 min /    $55  Lite

Dragon Reading


Dragons are everywhere! I offer a dragon reading to meet your dragon.  I provide a detailed description, name, if provided, message and how to connect and forge a relationship with them.  


Dark Goddess Consult

1 hour  /   $111  Full

30 min /    $55    Lite

When there are troubles in our lives, whether internal or external, sometimes we need assistance and help from outside our selves.  The Dark Goddess energy is a specific energy, made for times when your magic needs extra power.  We have a conversation, and together formulate a plan and provide you with this support and ways for you to access this assistance and create/maintain your connection to this energy.   


Consult with Luna

1 hour  /   $44

30 min /    $22

A Consult with Luna will allow us to have a discussion of what you are wanting to work towards and how I might support you.  The cost of the consultation will go toward your working, if we decide to work together.